Becatronics Cnc Router Machine

For All types of Wood , Cladding , Acrylic , Artelon , foam , Alikopond , GRC and so on

Becatronics CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

decorative metalwork. For instance, commercial and residential signage, wall art, address signs, and outdoor garden art.

ELTE Spindles

Elte Srl is a harbinger of the Made in Italy concept around the world and has chosen to work without compromise, ensuring its customers high-quality components and a wide range of products able to meet different processing needs.

The most strong plama source in the world Hypertherm

we are sellected cearfuly our componants to ensure the perfofmance stability of our machines and it's outlet product quality

Becatronics Motors

Becatronics motors working in the most high temperature areas in the world

Becatronics Fiber Laser

used in sheel metal processing,aviation,aerospace,electronics,appliances, subway accessories, automeonile,machinery,precision parts,ships,metallurgical equipment saw blades,elevators,household appliances,craft gifts,tools,processing,decoration,advertisin

Becatronics CO2 Laser

Becatronics CO2 Laser